“Creativity and art brings people together to benefit communities in many ways.”
R  i  c  o   M  a  r  t  i  n

8 businesses along a 2-mile stretch of gray are being transformed with COLOR

The Boyes Hot Springs business district is a 2 mile strip on highway 12 just north of the city of Sonoma. Like so many small towns across America, it has fallen onto hard times and disrepair. The Springs wONEder Project brings together local businesses with creative artists to maximize county funds in helping to revitalize business and benefit the entire community.

Each building will be beautifully reimagined as a work of Art.


I call this Social Architecture. Creating joyful environments where Art and Color revitalizes the spirit and inspires people to come together and celebrate Life.

30,000 drivers a day pass thru the Springs and, because of the run down environment and a bad past history, mostly with their heads down and their windows rolled up. The idea is to have them lift their heads and start to ask questions like, “Wow! What the heck is going on here? This looks fun! Where am I? What town is this?” If even a small percentage pulls over to learn more, it helps to break the social/cultural barrier on both sides and begins to build trust and comaraderie. And guess what?  It’s also great for business!

  • It reminds some customers of the little stores in Mexico. They like it a lot. Other stores will want to copy this and make people feel happy.

    Liz, La Michoacana worker

  • Hispanics in all parts of Sonoma county have seen your work. We are honored to have you here and do this work for us in this historic part of town.

    Louis, Sonoma Mission Inn employee

  • For the locals it’s a big change. Everyone is talking about it. The lady’s love the colors!

    Armando, Owner of Armando's Auto Center

  • We are the Springs. We are a rich and diverse community. We are our own thing.

    Teresita, Owner of La Michoacana Ice cream

  • What you got in mind is pretty cool, the way you are trying to bring the community together.

    Favio, Local Mechanic

  • Your design and colors make me feel happy. I am going back home to push for these ideas that you have started.

    Grandma Penny, Tourist from Minneapolis

  • I wanted to check out Armando’s Auto Center because I love the signage.

    Jean, Director of 'Art Attack' gallery

  • What a wonderful breath of fresh air that is being brought into our community.

    Misty, Neighbor

  • You start something special, then others will follow. The tourist’s will come.

    Omar, neighbor and contractor

  • Now the buildings match the colorful people that live in the Springs!

    Carl, Neighbor

The following 8 businesses are
participating in the current program

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