Auto Center Meets Mexican Diner

18017 Hwy 12, Sonoma CA 95476   (707) 939-8166    owner : Armando Saavedra

Armando’s Auto Center was a real pleasure to design. I poured over 1920-50’s classic gas stations as well as numerous references from Mexican papel picado art. What emerged was a mixture of old and new motifs that were a delight to play with. The greatest compliment I received was from an old Mexican gentleman who shared that the design brought up warm memories of buildings and billboards he had seen as a small boy in Mexico city. I never purposefully tried to recreate something, but apparently the essence of the heart of Mexico was captured for him and that made him happy.

The story of How Armando’s Auto Center was transformed

PLACE • The Original Building and Business  What the building looked like originally and the particular issues that had to be addressed. PLANS • Designs and Presentations The initial designs, sketches and plans created towards getting the project approved with stamped permits. PAINT • Turning Ideas into Reality The production efforts in translating an original 2D design into a 3 dimensional art object and activated ‘Social Sculpture’.

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