Where Chickens and Piñata’s Roost

 As the gateway to the Springs, El Brinquito has a special role in the wONEder Project’s over-all visual presentation. As the store is known for selling both chicken AND piñatas, it was only appropriate for the drivers entering the Springs from the north to be greeted by a 13 foot wide chicken piñata! The chicken is already famous throughout the hallways of Sonoma county’s PRMD and CDC offices as everyone wants to see the chicken… and it has not even gone up yet! It’s whimsey and happy bright colors makes it a perfect gateway greeting to the Springs.


17380 Hwy 12, Sonoma CA 95476
707) 939-8166
owner : David Iniguez
hours : Open always 8am–11pm, Closed Sundays
Fresh Meats, Piñatas and Famous BBQ Chicken

El Brinquito market is a Sonoma county culinary phenomena, winning both critic’s and people’s choice awards for the best tamales in Sonoma county. But they are MOST famous for their BBQ chicken! On the weekends, drivers down highway 12 can’t help but stop at their street-side grill for a taste and take away meal. Unfortunately, with the surrounding police tape and blackening smoke, the front of the store looks like a disaster area and the county was ready to shut them down. All of that will now be resolved with the new designs we will be doing that promotes the store and their BBQ specialty BIG TME.

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