Developing a Visual Language for the Springs

La Tienda Iniquez was the first building that I design from scratch and, because of the derelict shape it was in, one many in the neighborhood were excited to see be transformed. As the store is known for it’s fresh produce, I was inspired to create as it’s logo a large cornucopia of fruits and vegetables. Working in various design motifs, I started to play around with ‘Papel Picado’ or paper cutouts that one finds at Mexican fiestas. This inspired me to paint the large colorful murals found all over this building as well as develop a visual language that I would later experiment with on each of the other store buildings. 


18175 Hwy 12, Sonoma CA 95476
(707) 548-5434
owner : The Iniguez Family
hours : Open always 8am–10pm
email :  beto300zx@gmail.com
Specializing in Hand-Selected Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
La Tienda Iniguez ‘s owner wakes up at 3am , 3days a week to hand-select the best produce at the San Francisco Farmer’s Market. The store will soon open a small cafe that will offer sandwiches and meat goods prepared using the family’s secret recipes. The outdoors will include a small Spanish square-like dining area under the beautiful shaded tree.

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