“This inspires me to be myself more. To not do what everyone else is doing. To be more of a free person.”

“Gorgeous colors and whimsy to brighten anyone’s day, Rico Martin! I love your chicken! Your art gladdens hearts and brings joy to our inner children, too!”

Lorraine Segal

 “My family has known the Springs since the 1940’s – it has always needed a facelift in the shadow of the Sonoma Mission Inn and now touristy Sonoma – thanks for giving the Springs a voice and presence.”

Debora Fudge

“You can have regulation beige and a flat economy or you can sing color and see your business rise 20% immediately.”

Jennifer Gray Thompson, MPA, District Aide, Supervisor Susan Gorin

 “I love the work you have done on the businesses along Highway 12 in Boyes Hot Springs. The energetic colors and facades have brought a sense of re-emerging life and delight to the area. The chicken piñata at El Brinquito market is my favorite!”

Loretta Carpio Carr

 “this re-painting is nothing short of brilliant! In my opinion, this small neighborhood is now truly coming alive with renewed interest, revitalized energy, and a modernity that is absolutely vital to the whole Sonoma community. It makes Boyes a destination location for tourists, and all the businesses along that stretch will likely benefit from it’s singular, distinctive, and notable look.I say ‘do more’! Boyes Hot Springs has never been better!”

Katherine Krause

 “As an architectural designer of 25 years, I’m thrilled with the revitalization of The Springs!!
I’ve been designing and remodeling homes and buildings in San Francisco for most of my career but my beloved home town of Sonoma and recently, (5 years) the Springs, has been tragically afraid of passionate and expressive design. The Springs is a beautiful blended representation of mixed cultures who cohabit and nurture one another. We are on the cusp of a sort of exuberance here, get on board and enjoy!!”


 “I think social art like this is exciting, dynamic, revitalizing and fun. Bright colors are energizing, and in this case perfectly chosen to reflect cultural and artistic traditions in our area. For some, change is hard, and going from drab to vibrant might take some getting used to. But for me, it seems to be a celebration of community”

Bhavani Judith Cook Tucker

 “Keep the great work and hope you can come to Petaluma and add such beautiful taste to our neighborhood. Highway 12 is coming to LIFE thanks to your artwork! Keep adding color to our lives!”

Israel Escudero

 “Rico Martin’s designs for The Springs’ business facades are worthy to be featured in any public planning, design or architecture publication.  His transformation of the Highway 12 corridor could be national news.”

Bob Blosser

 “I live here and I love it. The area is revitalized by the colors and fits our community in Boyes quite well.”

Carole Cherry

 “The colorful additions show creativity and add beauty to the Springs.”

Catherine Wedell

 “As a business owner, these improvements have brought more attention and customers to our businesses.”

Sandi Miller, owner of Lonesome Cowboy Ranch

 “Art! Color! Life!”

Tony Speirs

 “This side of town is falling apart. Boyes has long been neglected and left to slowly rot by nature. Not only are the colors beautiful, but they represent the legacy of what was once a flourishing hotspot for culture. Let’s bring some culture back into Boyes, because when people see the west side of town they don’t think of the wonderful history– they think of how ghetto and decrepit everything looks.”

Diandra Diamond,

 “Lived on this side of town since 1997, new paint looks amazing! Our side of town is full of character and color!”

Lee Egidio

 “I believe the Makeover is bringing a much-needed lift to the stretch of HWY 12 in Boyes. The businesses that are completed look wonderful and I can’t wait to see the finished work at Plain Janes and La Michocana. The art is vibrant and expressive and reflects the diversity of Boyes and Sonoma!”

Courteney Morgan

 “I love the revitalization and expression of our community’s personality. These are the things that make Boyes special.”

Kelsey Ivor

 “Artistic expression that makes the springs come to life! Embrace color!”

Jes Williams

 “The colorful additions show creativity and add beauty to the Springs.”

Juan De la O

 “I like the new look. It’s very cheerful. The Springs needs it’s own identity instead of trying to be Sonoma.”

Celia Stinson

 “I’ve been here with my family since 1992 and I am thankful for any positive change in the community. I rather have a colorful place than a ran down place and it’s time we got with the times, all our surrounding neighbor’s have beautiful colorful art displayed around they’re cities..”

Byron Borges

 “I grew up in Sonoma, and travel there often to visit my parents. I love the beautiful colors and new facelift for The Springs. It looks taken care of. Something which it hasn’t looked like for many years.”

Katie Barr

 “I love the Plain Jane’s building, it looks great and I hope more business follow their lead!! Express yourself!!”

stacey heuer

 “This project makes my husband and me happy! We love Armando’s Auto Center. We were excited to see it when we got back from two months away in Baja (Like world famous “La Boca” – talk about colorful facades!). It’s fresh and vibrant and, frankly, stood out from its dull and drab neighbors along this ol’ highway. Even though it’s close to our home on Boyes Blvd, we never even noticed it before and thought it was a new business! It looked upbeat, warm and welcoming. It made us want to go there and check it out for our next auto service.”

Mari Cea

 “I believe in Freedom of Paint! It reminds me of some of the towns in Cinque Terra, Italy.”

Pam Hellen

 “The communities’ growing sense of pride and sense of place will make beautiful stories that can inspire so much creative, sleeve’s-rolled-up change. Go Rico!”

Jeni Webber

 “Their whimsical liveliness and vibrancy brighten my day. When I saw first saw them, I thought that they were an inspired way to increase tourism. I can imagine, too photos in VIA or Sunset magazines. I hope things work out and that they stay — and even increase.”

Maggie Bedord

 “I am sure there are a lot of people smiling and point at the chicken as they drive by. The world needs more chickens like this. Thanks for spreading the joy.”


 “I love the beauty you are bringing to this area!”

Larry Robinson

 “Woo!! Good job, Rico. Art in the service of others. And damn, is that Chicken impressive!”

Mia Cinelli

 “What you are doing is the perfect sort of story that will continue to cause more publicity which proves why this way of improving a neighborhood works so well!”

Steve Gordon

 “Let’s be perfectly capitalistic here. You can’t beat a 20% increase in sales and have original branding design! Yay Rico!!”

Michael Cinelli

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