November 15, 2014

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8 businesses along a 2-mile stretch of gray are being transformed with COLOR

The Boyes Hot Springs business district is a 2 mile strip on highway 12 just north of the city of Sonoma. Like so many small towns across America, it has fallen onto hard times and disrepair. The Springs wONEder Project brings together local businesses with creative artists to maximize county funds in helping to revitalize business and benefit the entire community.

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The following 8 businesses are
participating in the current program

Meet the hard working people that are turning an idea into a reality.

“Every area has artists, contractors, businesses and politicians, that care about their town and want to contribute to their community. We just need to organize that passion.
Rico Martin, Artist and Founder, wONEder

Serving businesses in ways that will benefit the Entire Region

“The Springs wONEder Project has humble beginnings, growing organically from a desire to help out this special and somewhat forgotten place in Sonoma county. In meeting directly with business owners and county officials, I was inspired to develop a solution that would both promote individual stores and help lift the area as a whole.”
Rico Martin, Artist and Founder,

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